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Meeting Closures | Updated Regularly

AGM and InterGroup Meeting: Edinburgh and Midlothian

This is an AA business meeting where representatives of Edinburgh and Midlothian AA groups meet with the InterGroup (IG) Officers on a monthly basis, in order to discuss AA business in support of AA groups within the IG district.

As stated in the AA GB Handbook at page 87 “The aims of an intergroup are to aid the constituent groups in their common purpose of carrying the AA message to the still suffering alcoholic, and, by using their combined strength and unity, to maintain good relations with all organisations in the community.”

Each AA group is encouraged to send a nominated Group Service Representative (GSR) to the meetings. Members of AA are welcome to attend the meeting in an observer capacity.

Currently meetings are being conducted via Zoom.

Next meeting is 26th November @ 7:15pm

Joining details are here:

Meeting ID 203-245-6065, passkey a3ZFWY

Live Meetings Re-opening

St Cuthbert’s Lothian Road Friday 1pm Meeting Re-opening

St Cuthbert’s Friday 1pm afternoon meeting will be re-opening as of Friday 21st of August 2020.

In adherence to Scottish government, church and intergroup guidelines.

The meeting will allow for 20 members to attend, face covering will be mandatory.

The Friday Lunchtime As Bill Sees It Zoom meeting will continue as normal.

Gayfield East End Group Meetings Re-opening

From 6th September East End Group will be opening the following live meetings:

  • Sunday’s 6pm
  • Tuesdays 6pm
  • Wednesdays 7:15am
  • Fridays 7:15am

Meetings will be limited to 12 people

Blackfriars Group Conscience Meeting

Sunday 6th September 10:30am start

Meeting ID: 850 – 6954- 0463, passkey: 000000

Holyrood Park Outdoor Meeting **CLOSED**

Meeting now closed

Online Meetings

As a consequence of the current global coronavirus pandemic much of our long established, extensive schedule of Edinburgh and Midlothian InterGroup face to face meetings have had to be suspended. At this unprecedented time we can continue sharing our experience, strength and hope through AA online meetings.

These are being created by various E&M based Alcoholics Anonymous groups.

Whether you are a member of Alcoholics Anonymous or someone with a desire to stop drinking you are welcome to join us at the next AA meeting online.

Online meetings Schedule can be found on our website

West End

All West End meeting are now suspended until further notice.

Leith Wednesday

Leith Wednesday @ Easter Road is now suspended until further notice.

St Johns Sunday / Wednesday

These meetings are suspended until further notice

Blackfriars / 1st Edinburgh

Update, the following meetings at Blackfriars are temporarily closed

Tuesday 8pm
Friday 10:30pm
Saturday 2pm
Sunday 8pm

Gayfield / East End

Suspended until further notice

Edinburgh South

Suspended until further notice

Portobello Saturday / Sunday

Unfortunately due to the current pandemic these meetings are now suspended until further notice.

Holy Corner Monday / Friday

Closed until further notice.

Longstone Thursday @ 11am

With immediate effect Longstone Thursday @ 11am will be closed until further notice.

Murrayfield Step Meeting Wed @ 8pm

With immediate effect, Murrayfield Step Meeting Wednesday @ 8pm is suspended until further notice.

We will be providing details of an online version of this meeting in due course.

Murrayfield 11th Step Friday @ 7pm

With immediate effect, Murrayfield 11th Step Friday @ 7pm is suspended until further notice.

We will be providing details of an online version of this meeting in due course.

St John’s Hospital

With immediate effect, all meetings in St John’s Hospital Livingston are suspended until further notice. So, that’s the

Saturday Morning 10am

Sunday Big Book Study 7pm

Thursday 8pm

Please pass this on in all ways you can.

Statement on Coronavirus

The General Service Office (G.S.O.) has been receiving inquiries about how groups should respond to the COVID-19 (coronavirus). Groups and members are concerned about health and safety issues, and are looking for guidance on how to address this question.

The General Service Office is a repository of shared group experience and functions as a resource center for A.A. members and groups who are looking for the shared experience of the Fellowship. Providing guidance on health issues is outside the scope of the A.A. sharing that G.S.O. offers. However, we might suggest contacting your national, state/provincial and local health authorities for appropriate information.

We do have some general experience to share regarding how some groups and members have begun to address this issue. Our collected experience suggests that talking about these issues before they arise can help a group be prepared to address them in a sensible and helpful manner and allow the group to continue keeping the focus on our common welfare and primary purpose. Some groups have discussed making changes to customs at their meetings. Some examples have included: avoiding shaking hands and handholding: making sure meeting hospitality tables are sanitary: or suspending food hospitality for the time being. Regardless of group decisions, each individual is responsible for their own health decisions.

Some groups have considered contingency plans in case the group is temporarily unable to meet in person. Plans have included: creating contact lists and keeping in touch by phone, email or social media: meeting by phone or online. Providing members information for the A.A. Online Intergroup ( may serve as an additional helpful resource. If a group isn’t holding its regular meetings, they may want to communicate this to local A.A. resources, such as the district, area and intergroup or central office.

G.S.O. has received inquiries about the A.A. events it coordinates throughout the year. Visit www, for up-to-date information regarding G.S.0./A.A.W.S. coordinated events. Please be assured that the health and safely of attendees is a priority. G.S.O. is closely monitoring relevant health advisories regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus).

We hope this limited sharing is helpful.