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A.A. for those serving in the Armed Services

Within the Armed Services, alcoholism can have a negative impact on unit readiness and morale. Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) may be able to help if there is such a problem in your organisation or among others you may know. Alcoholism can strike anywhere regardless of profession, rank, age, or background.

How To Find A.A.

If you are a Commanding Officer, Chaplain, Medical Officer, Counsellor, Welfare Worker, Friend, or anyone else who might encounter alcoholism within HM Forces, A.A. wants to make its program of recovery available to you. Since members of the Armed Services are often spread throughout the world, it may be helpful to know that there are A.A. meetings available worldwide. In some cases, groups meet on military installations or in nearby communities. If there are no meetings nearby, help may be found through ‘Loners International’, a newsletter which our loners receive all over the world.

This contact, as well as letters written and received from A.A. members in other locations, has helped many members in remote areas remain sober. For more information about ‘Loners International’, local meeting times and locations, or for presentations contact us through email links on this website at the bottom of the page. If you know someone who has a problem with drink, they can access us via the ‘Problems With Drinking‘ section.

Those who may have a problem with alcohol can attend meetings to learn more about alcoholism and our program of recovery. They can also contact A.A. through the A.A. Helpline number (0800 917 7650) or email us for information about local groups or so that someone might arrange to visit the caller. Additionally, this web site offers a section for newcomers to A.A. or those interested in learning more which includes the opportunity to email for help, click here to go to that area now.

If you would like to learn more about how A.A. can serve the Armed Services you can arrange informational talks for Medical Officers, Chaplains, Commanding Officers, or during unit alcohol awareness training, by contacting the A.A. General Service Office in York at (01904 644026).

Literature and meeting schedules for the United Kingdom and worldwide may be requested by contacting the General Service Office.

If you are a professional encountering the negative effects of alcoholism on the productiveness and usefulness of your unit or individual of any rank, A.A. may be able to help. Cooperation with professionals has been a key to the growth of A.A. and its ability to help the still suffering alcoholic since the beginning of the Fellowship.

We appreciate that you took the time out of your busy schedule to learn more from this website and invite you to contact us for presentations or literature.

For more information please click here to contact the Public Information team of Alcoholics Anonymous.

We never disclose or pass on email addresses to any third party. You should receive the requested information within one working day.